Speaking of Unmentionables: The Rise and Fall of Ladies’ Underwear

“Anything that we all do, but we never talk about, is funny.”-George Carlin


Ellie Presents a pop-up image of the first brassiere patent model

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Women’s fashions are shaped, literally and figuratively, by their underclothes.  Throughout history a woman’s frame has not always been entirely her own.  Delicate pieces of linen and lace, stiff corsets, and sturdy hoops and bustles are fascinating to modern eyes.  1880 corsetThey are the unseen history of an era.  Modern contrivances are no less remarkable. Please deliver us from Spanx, couldn’t we just go back to corsets?

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sound iconThis novel and sometimes naughty* presentationMaidenform bra will unveil facts and expose myths about women’s unmentionables.  It includes stories from real women past and present and their amusing and sometimes uncomfortable relationship with their foundations.  Participants will also view actual examples of historic underwear.

*May be presented as Ladies only, Gentlemen always welcome

Running time: 45 minutes to an hour

Requirements: 1 6-8 foot table, easel or stand for graphics

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Corset Cookies
Ellie also bakes cookies, shaped like corsets of course. Please inquire about adding this lovely and yummie feature to your event.