Believe it or not, zombie mythology lends itself to just about any fictional genre imaginable. It is indeed possible to rewrite a classic work of literature and apply zombies, their victims and vanquishers to the plot. We now have zombie Jane Austen, zombie Shakespeare even zombie Haiku. However, zombies are the only monster myths that do not have a literary ancestor. Zombies came from folklore and landed directly on the silver screen in 1929. They have proliferated incredibly, especially since the turn of this century. Zombies can now be found in film, television, computer games, festivals, mobile apps, websites, blogs, podcasts, music  and yes, even books.

Come learn how zombies are taking over popular culture and what might be coming next. We will examine both the scientific and folkloric origins of the zombie construct, presenting several theories as to why zombies have such huge appeal.  What do they tell us about ourselves and what we most fear in our modern world?

Ellie presents this program as a lecture with props and images and will even prepare a brain cake for your refreshment upon request.


They want your brains! They have no conscience! They won’t go away! Be scared, be prepared and remember to always aim for their heads because they are certainly aiming for yours.

Running Time: Approximately 1 hour

Requirements: Screen and projector capable of showing a PowerPoint presentation, a secure facility just in case the zombies follow her to your site