Dating Photographs Through Clothing

“Some people are married to their jobs, I date costumes.”

Family photographs are hard to date Pam 5 - Copy - Copyonce the generation pictured has passed away.  Many people have unidentified photos in their collection.  Determining an approximate date may help you to know whether the woman in the photo is your grandmother or your great-grandmother.  This is where costume dating can be helpful.

Chambers' Family c. 1934Fashion, especially women’s fashion, was very distinctive in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  scan0070Becoming familiar with certain popular silhouettes enables one to assign a date range to a photograph, thus helping to identify those pictured.

Grupa_familyBasic facial recognition will also be covered which will help identify the same person in several photos over time. There are some good, easy tricks which you will learn in this workshop-format presentation.

Please bring photographs with you to the lecture and we will all try to date them for you using the techniques outlined in the presentation. Ideally, attendees will scan their photos and send them to the location of the talk. The photos can easily be printed onto transparency paper (any office supply store or copy shop can do this) so we can all see them projected on the screen.

Running time: 45 minutes to an hour

Requirements: chalkboard or dry erase board, projection screen