A Hundred Years Ago On the Homefront: How Families Faced The War to End All Wars

orlin-flora-and-edgarWhat were those at home doing when our “boys” were over there? A reluctant but energetic America entered the Great War in 1917. We sent our sons. We rationed our bread. We stopped wearing corsets to save the steel for warships…and we wrote and sang the songs that rallied the troops.over-there

The music, food, patriotic pastimes and tragic losses were things that every American family knew. This war ushered in what came to be known as The American Century. What did it feel, sound and taste like to be there?

Ellie has one foot firmly planted in the early twentieth century. She will transport the audience there with the sights, sounds and tastes of the era. If you know nothing of World War I, come to learn. If you had relatives and friends who were there, come to be reminded. Learn the history, sing the songs, taste the food. Travel back in time to the Homefront.

wwi-foodRunning Time: Approximately 1 hour

Requirements: Projection screen, table for food tasting.