The Ups and Downs of Dining à la Downton

Catering in Costume
Downton Dining Tour

Mr. Howe and Mrs. Eaton

Ellie Presents Mr. Howe and Mrs. Eaton

  • Authentic Edwardian Food
  • Prepared by a Trained Head Cook
  • Served to you by an English Butler

Click here for Events and location information. Click here to see a menu for cocktails. 

Walk right into the past. Taste the food and talk with the servants at an early twentieth-century estate.

Mrs. Eaton with Teapots

Mrs. Eaton with Teapots

For private home settings, you may want to employ us to cater your event in costume.  Contact us for more details on that option or visit

Mr. Howe with tray

Ellie Presents Mr. Howe with tray

Basic requirements are two 6-8 foot tables, access to electricity and a sink for the washing up.  The class takes two hours and can include an interactive component.  Price is $600 plus the actual cost of food, from $3-50 per person.  Final prices will be set when a menu is determined, based on the cost of food selected and the number of people who will be eating.  Sample menus can be found linked above or click here to see a pdf of several potential menus on one page.

Mrs. Eaton Cooking

Ellie Presents Mrs. Eaton Cooking

Guests are welcome to dress for dinner and may choose to participate as a denizen of either Up or Downstairs.  Click here to see video