‘Round the World on a Penny

“Doing what can’t be done is the Glory of Living.”–Anita Willets Burnham. Anita is a time traveler and comes to visit you to discuss her other travels, taking children OUT of school to educate them, and how to accomplish the impossible.


Anita Willets Burnham

Ellie Presents Anita Willets Burnham

Anita Willets Burnham

Anita Willets Burnham c. 1938


Anita and her family on their first trip in 1921

Anita Willets Burnham was an artist, author and visionary who boldly took her family of 5 around the world, twice, in the 1920s. They went third class, she said, “only because there wasn’t a fourth.” After years of encouragement from friends and her art students, she wrote a book about their adventures and launched herself into the lecture circuit to promote it. Mrs. Burnham was fortunate, later in life to discover a man who invented a time machine. In exchange for her painting portraits of his family, he sends her forward in time to your event. Mrs. Burnham very much enjoys the 21st century and always regrets that she must come without her paint box.

Running time: approximately 1 hour, but she sometimes gets carried away

Requirements: None

To see a short video presentation and meet Anita for yourself, please click the link here.