Regretting Mr. Wright: Mamah Tells Her Own Story

Mamah Borthwick Cheney

Ellie Presents                   Mamah Bouton Borthwick

This is an opportunity to meet and talk to a ghost. Mamah was brutally murdered and she recounts her life for you as it is passing before her eyes at the moment of her tragic and dramatic death.

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Mamah Bouton Borthwick(married name Cheney) and Frank Lloyd Wright fell in love. They were both married to other people and had eight children to care for between them. Flaunting all the social mores of their time and abandoning their family obligations, they ran off together to pursue their work, together and separately. They spent time in Europe and then later settled in Wisconsin where Mr. Wright built Taliesin for Mamah.

Mamah with one of her books

Ellie Presents Mamah with one of her books

Mamah was a modern woman living in a still very Victorian world. While Mr. Wright could depend on society to forgive a man’s indiscretions; especially if it also viewed him as genius, Mamah was expected to behave in a carefully prescribed manner. When she did not, she was outcast. Mamah obtained a divorce from Mr. Cheney; assumed her own name again; published four books; cared for her children and championed changes in marriage and family law. She lived what was left of her short life as the female head of household at Taliesin where she was murdered on August 15, 1914.

Mamah returns to our world at the moment of her death, as a ghost, to tell her own story.


Ellie Presents Mamah Bouton Borthwick c. 1912


Mamah Bouton Borthwick, c. 1912

Running Time: approximately 45 minutes plus questions

Requirements: None, she’s a ghost.


Notice: This is a sensitive presentation which touches on issues that are not appropriate for children. Please contact me about a scheduling for your audience if you have questions.

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