“Please Call me Amy”

Behind every great man…is a woman of of extraordinary will and purpose. Colonel Robert R. McCormick was one of the most powerful men in America when he was running the Chicago Tribune.  Amy McCormick was that woman. Visit with her and learn about her Civil War Surgeon father, serving in the Red Cross during the first World War, painting, riding the hunt, raising animals and entertaining Winston Churchill among many others. 

Amy McCormick

Ellie Presents Amy McCormick

While most of the country was coping with financial losses and struggling, Amy and Col. Robert R. McCormick were rebuilding his family’s home west of Chicago.

Amy was the Colonel’s first wife. She was the daughter of a famous Civil War Doctor Bernard JD Irwin. He pioneered the field tent hospital and Amy followed in those footsteps in a way when she worked for the Red Cross in Europe during the early years of the First World War. After the death of Colonel McCormick’s mother, Amy and the Colonel inherited his family’s home near Wheaton, Illinois which they transformed into a magnificent mansion with extensive gardens.

Ellie Presents Amy and The Colonel Cutting the Cake 2015 Photo by MF Howe

Ellie Presents Amy and Colonel Robert R. McCormick cutting the Colonel’s birthday cake.




Watch the video below to see Ellie as Amy McCormick.

Amy raised dairy cattle, dogs and rode horses. She was also an accomplished artist and one of the finest hostesses in the area in her day.

Ellie Presents Amy seated in Freedom Hall at McCormick Mansion

Ellie Presents Amy seated in Freedom Hall at
The McCormick Mansion

Visit Amy in the opulent library of the McCormick Mansion when she is there, or invite her to tea at your venue.

Ellie Presents Amy & The Colonel in Freedom Hall Photo by Paul Larson

Ellie Presents Amy & The Colonel in Freedom Hall