1970s Tasting HIstory

"I think there should be cheese fondon't for people who don't like cheese fondue!" George Carlin c. 1972

“I think there should be cheese fondon’t for people who don’t like cheese fondue!” George Carlin c. 1972

The 1970s was characterized by significant changes in America’s home life, perhaps none so drastic as those found at the dinner table. Packaged, prepared, quick-fix, instant foods which had been part of the culinary landscape for decades literally took over. Were it not for the emerging Health Food movement everything we ate would have come from a box, jar or can.

Ellie Presents a 1970s Cook with her trusty fondue pot.

Ellie Presents a 1970s Cook with her trusty fondue pot

We visit the tastes and smells of 1970s cooking in this class. Taught in authentic costume with period appropriate ingredients and recipes this presentation will take you back to a much more packaged if not simpler time. Click here for 1970s potential menus.

Running Time: Approximately two hours

Refreshments: An actual, authentic 1970s meal is prepared and served. 

Ellie Presents 1970s Cooking Class

Ellie Presents 1970s Cooking Class

Requirements: Two 6-8 foot tables, access to electricity, a sink for the washing up and a place for Ellie to change into her costume. For larger groups an assistant or two is always welcome.

Cost: $450 plus the cost of the food items selected, generally $1-5 per person. Please click here for 1970s potential menus for ideas or suggest some of your own. To book this class email Ellie at ellie@elliepresents.com or phone 312.771.2400.

Schedule: It is always a good idea to check Ellie’s schedule for availability on the day you desire click here to be taken directly to Ellie’s schedule.