1950s Tasting History

“Remember, almost anything you like can be rolled in bacon, oven or pan broiled, and served on picks.” –Meta Given’s Encyclopedia of Cooking Published in 1955

It's all about the Jello Mold

No, It’s all about the
Jello Mold!


Oh it was all about the canapes and the cocktails! At least that’s the idea one would get from the 1950s cookbooks. But there was much more to 1950s cuisine and this class will introduce you to some of it in an amusing and entertaining way. Please don’t forget the Frankfurter Aspic! Click here for potential 1950s menus.

Running Time: Approximately two hours

Ellie Presents 1950s Cooking

Ellie Presents 1950s Cooking

Refreshments: An actual, authentic 1950s meal is prepared and served. Click here for potential 1950s menus.

Requirements: Two 6-8 foot tables, access to electricity, a sink for the washing up and a place for Ellie to change into her costume. For larger groups an assistant or two is always welcome.

Yes, Indeed. Frankfurter Aspic!

Yes, Indeed. Frankfurter Aspic!

Cost: $450 plus the cost of the food items selected, generally $1-5 per person. Please click on the menu above for ideas or suggest some of your own. To book this class email Ellie at ellie@elliepresents.com or phone 312.771.2400.

Schedule: It is always a good idea to check Ellie’s schedule for availability on the day you desire click here to be taken directly to Ellie’s schedule.