1900s Tasting History

What about fried oysters? Would you like to watch bread being made and then take some home to bake yourself?Slide2

If these questions sound interesting to you join Ellie for 1900s Heritage Cooking Class. Taught in costume with period appropriate ingredients and recipes this class lets you in on how we ate at the turn of the century. 


Watch Slide Show.

Each class will focus on what was available in your region at the specific time of year when we are meeting. Seasonal menu selection was extremely important to the early 1900s cook.

Running Time: Approximately two hours

Refreshments: An actual, authentic 1900s meal is prepared and served. Click here for 1900s potential menu

Requirements: Two 6-8 foot tables, access to electricity, a sink for the washing up and a place for Ellie to change into her costume. For larger groups an assistant or two is always welcome.

Cost: $450 plus the cost of the food items selected, generally $1-5 per person. Please click on the menu above for ideas or suggest some of your own. To book this class email Ellie at ellie@elliepresents.com or phone 312.771.2400.

Schedule: It is always a good idea to check Ellie’s schedule for availability on the day you desire click here to be taken directly to Ellie’s schedule.