1850s Tasting History

A dedicated 1850s housewife kneading bread

A dedicated 1850s housewife kneading bread

Miss Ellie

Ellie Presents Miss Ellie

The 1850s housewife had many of the same challenges modern homemakers have: what to feed the family that is healthy, affordable and available.  Unlike today, however, she also needed to contend with issues such as milk curdling before she got the butter made; making a tough old chicken tender

scan0012 enough to serve; and curing her family’s illnesses with only medicines she made herself. Ellie has researched the cooking techniques, period appropriate ingredients, and recipes of the 1850s homemaker .  The class is taught in costume, with tools, recipes and ingredients that could have been used in the Illinois in the late-1850s, right around the time Lincoln was debating Douglas.  Click here for 1850s potential menus

There are a number of videos of the 1850s cooking class that took place in the Chef Tent at Chicago’s Green City Market in Chicago’s Lincoln Park.  Ellie shopped with coins instead of paper money; prepped the food using period appropriate tools and equipment; and served a breakfast to those assembled. For an available selection, see below.

videoA complete video of Miss Ellie in the Market, shopping, prep, cooking and serving. For shorter segments of the entire video, please see below.

videoMiss Ellie discusses newspapers and their value.

videoMiss Ellie plays Matchmaker for two members of her audience.

videoSee a lovely slide show of stills from Shopping and Cooking at the Green City Market. Photos  by MF Howe.

videoSee Miss Ellie shopping in the Green City Market.

videoSee Miss Ellie prepping at the Green City Market cooking demonstration.

videoSee Miss Ellie cooking at the Green City Market.

Running Time: Approximately two hours

Refreshments: An actual, authentic 1850s meal is prepared and served. Click here for 1850s potential menus

Requirements: Two 6-8 foot tables, access to electricity or a firepit if you have onescan0066, a sink for the washing up and a place for Ellie to change into her costume. For larger groups an assistant or two is always welcome.

Cost: $450 plus the cost of the food items selected, generally $1-5 per person. Please click on the menu above for ideas or suggest some of your own. To book this class email Ellie at ellie@elliepresents.com or phone 312.771.2400.

Schedule: It is always a good idea to check Ellie’s schedule for availability on the day you desire click here to be taken directly to Ellie’s schedule.