Tasting History

Miss Ellie

Miss Ellie — Photo by MF Howe

Tastes of the Times! This is Catering in Costume. Invite your guests to a 1930s Rooming House, an Edwardian Mansion or a Cocktail Party during the Nixon administration just to name a few. See Ellie’s television appearance for Tasting Kalamazoo History.  

Ellie has researched cooking techniques, period appropriate ingredients, and recipes for six eras. Click the year below for details:

She will present each session in costume.  Recipes and ingredients reflect the time period, season of the year, and economic climate of the time.  Changes in food preparation techniques, the enactment of food laws, and scientific discoveries regarding food safety are discussed.  For groups of fewer than 12, participants prepare and consume the food for each session in a workshop format.  For larger groups, the class can be done as a more formal demonstration.  Cookbooks are provided as take-away. The Dining á la Downton presentation grew from Ellie’s Historic Cooking classes and her work with Sweet Symphonie Custom Catering.

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Running time: approximately 2 hours

Requirements: Two 8 foot tables, electrical outlet (or firepit for 1850s) access to nearby sink, access to oven if possible, 2 or 3 volunteer helpers for larger audiences. For more details and menus for each era please select the era from the list above or from the drop down menu on the home page of Ellie Presents.