Carry Nation’s tearing up the joint! Great Press for Cup Check Please! Lots of building interest in World War I centennial program, A Hundred Years Ago on the Homefront: How American Families Faced the War to End All Wars.Check out the new programs or visit with your old friends.

Ellie Presents Carry A Nation

Here is information on presentations offered by Ellie whether it be custom-produced characters, historic cooking or engaging lectures. Who can resist Speaking of Unmentionables: The Rise and Fall of Ladies’ Underwear? or the chance to meet a scandalous woman who is also an angry ghost in Regretting Mr. Wright: Mamah Tells Her Own Story? Ellie believes that properly costumed living history is the closest we can come to a time machine experience…so far. Theatre and history combine to show what the past might really have looked, felt, smelled, and sounded like in Ellie’s presentations. There are slide shows, audio and video clips of most of Ellie’s work on this site. Please click on the tab for either Tasting History, Lectures or Interpretations and select the program that interests you. You’ll find more information there and can watch or listen to Ellie in action. We hope you enjoy! Booking information can be found in the FAQ section of this site. Click here for YouTube Channel.